Feel like pricing is a big guessing game?

(... and you're guessing wrong)

This one hour Photography Pricing Course will show you how to finally price your photography for profit and make THIS YEAR your most profitable yet.


This One-Hour Course will help you price your photography for profit overnight, create irresistible packages for your clients, and increase your sales averages immediately.


Learn EXACTLY how to set your salary goals, session fees, product pricing, and irresistible packages that sell every single time.

Save Time

Finally determine the exact number of sessions you need to book each month to reach your salary goals. No more guessing games.

Grow your biz

Easy to follow Pricing Worksheets
that take all the guesswork out and fast track your business toward SUCCESS.

Here's what you'll learn:

  1. How to set achievable Salary Goals
  2. Easily track your Business Expenses
  3. Effortlessly price your Session Fees
  4. Profitably price each of your Products
  5. Create irresistible Packages that sell
  6. The exact number of Sessions you need to book each month to reach your goals



Hey, I'm Jenni ...

And I’m serious about helping you achieve your goals. (I’m serious about stiff cocktails, too. And caffeine. And sleep … sweet, sweet sleep).

So here’s the deal: I’ve made all of the mistakes (seriously, like every one of them) so you don’t have to. I’ve done my time. I’ve paid my beginner photographer dues. Now let me show you what I’ve learned over the last 2 decades. Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear (ok, Bon Jovi actually said that). But seriously, together we can do this. Let’s show the world that you have what it takes to make it in the photography game. YOU will be successful. I know this because, I'm going to help you.

This course is for you:

✓ You're ready to turn your photography passion into a profit. You know, like one that actually pays well? I've got you covered, friend.

✓ You're ready to short-cut the learning curve and create a successful (read: profitable) photo biz straight out of the gate.

✓ You have no idea how to price for profit, so you’re “borrowing” another photographer’s pricing. Bad idea, let’s fix that ... TODAY.

What to expect:

A-Z blueprint for pricing your photography for profit

✓ 5 Video Modules walking you through the exact steps to pricing your work

✓ Pricing Formula Workbook to walk you through the process

✓ Custom Photography Pricing Calculator will determine your hourly rates, session fees, product pricing, packages, and even the number of sessions you need to book each month to reach your salary goals

✓ Lifetime Access to the online course

✓ 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

What's the investment?

choose your own adventure ...

full payment



  • Instant Access
  • One-hour Online Training
  • Step-by-step Instruction
  • Pricing Worksheets
  • Pricing Calculator
  • Resource Guide
  • 14 Day Guarantee
  • Personal Pricing Review

payment plan



  • Instant Access
  • One-hour Online Training
  • Step-by-step Instruction
  • Pricing Worksheets
  • Pricing Calculator
  • Resource Guide
  • 14 Day Guarantee
  • Personal Pricing Review

Money Back Guarantee

Here's the thing, I know this course works. And I know it's exactly what your business needs. I know, because it's the same formula I've been using for years to consistently book 4-figure clients and pull in 6-figures annually. I believe so strongly in it that if for some wild reason you don't see any results after completing the steps inside, simply reach out within 7 days and we will happily refund your money in full. It's really that good. Pinky promise.

What if ...

✓ If all this course did was book one extra session for you at a higher rate, would it be worth it?

✓ If you could gain the confidence that you're charging the right rates, would it be worth a $97 investment?

✓ If the only thing this course gave you were the tools to know how and when to raise your rates, would it be worth it?

"I have to tell you, this course is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I have been running my business like a lost puppy without direction. Thank you so much for laying everything out in a simple, easy to learn style. I’m not even done yet but what I have learned is invaluable to my business."

Mary C.
Photographyer - Medina, OH

"In the past week, I've managed to book 3 clients with my new pay structure and process, before even launching my website!! I couldn't have accomplished everything without all of your support and inspiration. "

Lara S.
Photographer - Phoenix, AZ

"This is hands down the best money I have spent for my business. I have learned so much. It would have taken me years to figure all of this out and my business may have failed before I did. Thank you so much!"

Brenda K.
Photographer - Sparta, NC

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