The Money Maker

The Photographer's Guide to Profit


My 10-step system to booking your dream clients, pricing for profit, and (at least) doubling your sales at your very next session.


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How would it feel to ...

✓ Start booking your dream clients this month (adios $200 sessions)

✓ Have an A-Z blueprint to standing out in a saturated market

✓ Consistently bringing in 4-figures from every single session

✓ Take on less clients, leaving more time for your own family

✓ Finally have full confidence in your packages and pricing

In a perfect world ...

Your day would go a little something like this: after getting everyone out the door and the dog walked, squeeze in a quick workout, followed by a shower (you know, the type that doesn't include dry shampoo), grab yourself a latte at the local coffee shop and get to work replying to all the inquiries that rolled in over night. Your calendar is happily filled and your bank account balance has lots of beautiful little zeros on the end. 

Hold up, wait a minute ... that's not happening yet.

The inquiries you do get usually start a little something like, "how much are your digitals?" and you're likely one of 10 photographers they've contacted. The local Facebook moms group has an abundance of photographers offering "free portfolio building" sessions or 200 (unedited) images for $20.

It's not that you're not appreciative for the clients you do have but you know you're ready to kick your photography game up a notch. You know, like maybe actually being able to pay yourself more than minimum wage.

Trust me, I get it. I used to lay awake at night wondering what I was doing wrong. There had to be a way to turn my passion into a profit without working 100 hours/week and still struggling to pay the bills.

And then I cracked the code ...


#thestruggleisreal - but it doesn't have to be.

Hey, I'm Jenni and I want to work with you (yep, you).

I created my new course, "The Money Maker" for photographers like me and you.

I'll be honest, when I first started my business I was averaging $200/session (+ bartending on the side to pay the rent). But after creating my 10-step system, I've been consistently booking 4-figure sessions for years now and have a waitlist of dream clients, to boot.

Let me give you my exact blueprint to booking your dream clients this month, pricing for profit once and for all, and doubling your sales at your next session. Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear (ok, Bon Jovi actually said that). But seriously friend, let's do this!!

The Money Maker

My 10-step system to booking your dream clients, pricing for profit, and (at least) doubling your sales at your very NEXT SESSION.


  1. Secrets to sharing your pricing with confidence without breaking a sweat
  2. Simple steps that will have your dream clients begging to order more
  3. How to DOUBLE your sales at your very next session (totally doable)
  4. How I consistently book 4-figure clients
  5. My top secret to getting a referral from every client (word of mouth for the win!)
  6. BONUS: in addition to the course, you'll get to sit in on a LIVE (4-figure) IPS Session

"Since implementing these strategies, my average client went from $300 to $1200 per session."

Ashley Sheridan Wood
Photographer - Colorado

"In the past week, I've booked 3 clients with my new structure and process, before even launching my website!!"

Lara Salvo
Photographer - Phoenix, AZ

"This is hands down the best money I have spent on my business. It would have taken me years to figure this out!"

Brenda K.
Photographer - Sparta, NC

"I've made over $2000 from this course alone. You guys, this stuff is totally doable!"

Carla Escamilla
Photographer - Lancaster, CA

what if ...

This course finally made your business profitable, would it be worth it to you?

What if this course could show you how to consistently bring in 4-figure clients?

Or double your photography income? Would it be worth it to you? 

Sure, you could continue the struggle for another year, two years, maybe even five years until you finally figure it all out on your own ...

Or you could sign up today for just $397 (or 3 payments of $149) and not only gain the tools to make more money from your business this month, but make your investment back at your very next session.

What's inside the course?

If the Goal is to (at least) Double your Photography Income and Start Booking your Dream Clients, this COURSE is for you. Join me today and I'll show you exactly how I bring in 4-Figures from EVERY session.

MAKE Mo Money

Simple steps to booking your dream clients and standing out in a saturated market.

Ditch the PITCH

I'll show you how to effortlessly increase your sales averages without ever feeling "salesy".

super simple

Easy to use calculator
that will show you how to finally price your work for profit.

This course is for you:

✓ You're serious about turning your photography passion into a profit. You know, like one that actually pays well? I've got you covered, friend.

✓ You're ready to end the struggle and (at least) double your photography income NOW. Spoiler Alert: it's totally doable.

✓ You need someone to walk you through the exact steps to finding and booking your dream clients. I'm your girl.

Listen, I know this course is exactly what you need. Do not miss this opportunity. We are only offering it ONCE this year. Sign up NOW.










How much does it cost?

Full payment


one time payment

Step-by-Step Instruction

A-Z Resource Guide

3: Step-by-step Video Modules

Quick Win Cheat Sheets

Bonus: LIVE IPS Session

Bonus: Pricing Calculator

* 1:1 Call (limited availability)

Lifetime Access

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

let's do this!

Payment plan


3 payments

Step-by-Step Instruction

A-Z Resource Guide

3: Step-by-step Video Modules

Quick Win Cheat Sheets

Bonus: LIVE IPS Session

Bonus: Pricing Calculator

* 1:1 Call (limited availablity)

Lifetime Access

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Yes, I'm in!

Money Back Guarantee

Here's the thing, I know this course works. And I know it's exactly what your business needs. I know, because it's the same formula I've been using for years to consistently book 4-figure clients and bring in 6-figures annually. I believe so strongly in it that if for some wild reason you don't see any results after completing the steps inside, simply reach out within 14 days and we will happily refund your money in full. It's really that good. Pinky promise.


What to expect:

A-Z Blueprint for Making more Money from your Photography

✓ Step-by-step Guide to booking Dream Clients ($149 value)
✓ Pricing made easy video training ($249 value)
✓ video training: 2x your photo income with IPS ($297 value)
✓ BONUS: plug-n-play-n-profit pricing calculator ($197 value)
✓ BONUS: LIVE in-person sales session ($197 value)
✓ BONUS: 20 minute 1:1 phone call with Jenni ($299 value)
✓ Lifetime access
✓ 14 day money back guarantee



Join me today and I'll walk you through each and every step to making your business a HUGE success.


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